Frequently Asked Questions

What is speed networking?

See wikipedia: Speed Networking.

What is the agenda?

See agenda on the agenda page here.

How do the mentors fit in?

Ten entrepreneurs will be paired up with ten mentors. Each entrepreneur will have 5 minutes talk to speak with each mentor.   

Who qualifies as a mentor?

Successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors or service and academic professionals.

Mentor characteristics:
  • Solid expertise relevant to early stage companies
  • Good listener & ability to advise
  • Time to participate
If you are interested then please email

Who are the current mentors for Mentor Connect 2011 (May)?

See Mentor section here.

What charity will the May 2011 proceeds go to?

Big Brothers Vancouver, a great organization that connects young children with big brothers (mentors).

How do I participate in the main mentor speed networking event as an entrepreneur?

The ten open slots for will be auctioned off to the most generous entrepreneurs. Donations are made by raffle ticket purchases here.

Entrepreneurs who would like to make straight donations can contact

Should I participate in the speed networking event?

As an entrepreneurs, you are selling both yourself and the business.

The most important entrepreneurial characteristics are
  • ‘coachability’
  • commitment
  • motivation
  • have a realistic view of building their technical startup
Vancouver has various organizes that provide a community of learning and training to help entrepreneurs build the foundation for their business.Having a demo of your product or service is highly recommended and will make you very persuasive, however a demo is not required for participation.

What should I bring to the speed networking event?
  • Business cards.
  • A quick pitch of your product or service.
  • A good idea of what you need to move forward with your startup.
  • Bonus: a demo of your product or service on a portable device (a tablet or mobile phone), remember you have 5 minutes, unless you can convince mentor(s) to stick around afterwards.

Can I attend, but not participate in the main speed networking event?

Yes. Please register on eventbrite here, by purchasing the minimum number of raffle tickets.

We have invited various entrepreneurs, professions, & organizations to attend, so there should be a fair number of people to network with.

Also, if the noise level is sufficiently low. You are welcome to watch entrepreneurs participate in the speed networking event.

What is the event cost?

Attendees are required to purchase a minimum number of raffle tickets. Please see the ticket info page here for current raffle ticket price and specials.

How much are raffle ticket costs?

Please see ticket info page here.

How do I register to attend the event?

We have a limited capacity, so please look for more details and register early through eventbrite here.

What are the raffle prizes?

Please see the raffle prize section here.

I would like to sponsor or help this event?

Please email

I would like to set up a booth at the event to promote my business, organization, or future event?

Please email

I need more information who can I contact?

Please email