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Chang Han

Chang was born in Korea, but grew up fishing and painting fences in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. After learning English at UBC in the early ‘90’s, Chang learned even better English in law school in the late ‘90’s.

In the past, Chang went from business litigation for many clients to Intellectual Property management for a single employer, and finally now to an independent Business Consultant working on the IP Strategy as well as the wider foundation of corporate strategy, sales and marketing, and investment for start-up companies. He has returned to Vancouver from having worked in the U.S., Africa, and Korea, and loves helping business men and women become expert entrepreneurs.

Chang believes that just as the home is every man’s proverbial castle, the intellectual property of each business and company is the very heart of the entrepreneurial castle. How do you safeguard and protect the heart of your business - and is it enough to meet your need to succeed?